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You get more than just a copier

I have been working at Office Systems for a little over 14 years. I have had the privilege of working with some amazing people and many amazing customers along the way. I truly enjoy providing equipment that helps people with their day to day workflow.

There have been so many advances over the years. When I first came to OST, we were transitioning customers from B&W analog copiers to B&W digital copiers. I have since seen the growth into Color units, Copiers that Scan, Print, Fax. Wide Format Printing, Production Printing…now software integration and so many more features that are on the horizon.

As awesome as the equipment is…I can’t say enough about the service department at Office Systems.
When you purchase equipment from OST you are getting the support of Houston’s premier service group. The 2 service managers have over 30 years (each) experience in the copier industry. All our technicians are trained and certified by Konica Minolta, and many of them have achieved Tech of The Month Honors from Konica Minolta making them the best in this region let alone the Houston Area. Our service department has achieved the Pro Tech Service Award from Konica Minolta each year from 2012 – 2019. Their response time to service needs and their attention to detail is wrapped in a true desire to help the end user and to provide the best service that they can.
Every time that I review an account with a current customer, the first thing they comment on is how wonderful our service department is.
I say it to our customers all the time, but I want to let our guys know how much I appreciate them and the service they provide to our customers……Thank You and Y’all are THE BEST!!!

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