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Fujifilm sees no breakup with Xerox

  • Reuters New Service reported that Fuji president Kouichi Tamai stated; “I’m confident a breakup will not happen because that wouldn’t make sense (for Xerox) in terms of the energy, money and time it would take to do so,”
  • Believes that escalating dispute between the partners will not lead to the venture’s dissolution.
  • For Fuji, a breakup with Xerox could result in the loss of over $1 billion in revenue, but Tamai said turning to other vendors would be disadvantageous for Xerox.
  • “That would increase costs for Xerox,” he said. “It is my responsibility to convince Xerox that it is cheaper and more reasonable to source products from us.”
  • “My mission is to persuade Xerox executives that the merger would be the best solution for both companies,” he said. “Daily interactions with them actually have given me a feeling that many at Xerox actually support the merger.”
  • Xerox and Fujifilm are locked in a legal battle over the termination of their acquisition deal, which was agreed in January this year.
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