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Working from home hurts productivity

  • According to research recently published by Victoria University of Australia
  • Claims it was cause millions of dollars to be wiped from the economy
  • data suggested that productivity losses were between 1% and 3%
    • equivalent to between 5 and 15 minutes of an 8-hour workday 
  • school and childcare closures only worsened productivity levels, with parents distracted by their children.
  • for workplaces that are still operating with staff on site, productivity is also negatively impacted
    • due to additional cleaning and hygiene requirements and social-distancing requirements such as limits on the number of passengers in lifts, and the need for social distancing
  • GDP could fall by 10.7% of its pre-COVID-19 rates in the June quarter.
  • Around 40% of household expenditure is allocated to activities that are affected by social isolation
    • expenditure on these activities is assumed to drop by an average of 30%
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