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Voice over IP

3 Reasons to Switch to VoIP Now

The end is near for your legacy copper wire telephone system

VoIP Phone As businesses think obsessively about cost, productivity, mobility, feature sets and customer service it may the beginning of the end for legacy telephone phone systems. Zion Research reported this past year the VoIP services market is expected to grow to $140 billion USD by the year 2021.  In parallel telecoms are losing hundreds of thousands of landline customers monthly.

As businesses are choosing Voice Over IP (VOIP)-based services, which run over cellphone- and fiber-based networks it’s worth looking at some of the top advantages for making the switch.

Consider the following, and the choice will be just as clear to you, too:

VOIP beats on cost, every time. Do the math yourself: operating costs? . Per-minute charges? Charges for additional services? Cost of installing and maintenance? VOIP outperforms traditional phone systems on each of these criteria.  Simply by ditching expensive-to-maintain traditional copper infrastructure in favor of more flexible IP-based networks.

Take All Covered’s SIP Trunking service, which harnesses your existing Internet connection to provide a blend of voice and data traffic via a single IP circuit. The system allocates bandwidth to voice calls or data as needed – better yet, you can connect your existing handsets and phone system to the service, so you can make and receive calls in the customary way.

And All Covered’s cloud-based Hosted PBX service delivers all the benefits of traditional PBX systems, with the addition of advanced calling features and greater mobility – while requiring none of the major infrastructure outlay associated with legacy PBX networks. Reducing capital costs and monthly service costs at the same time.

More Features and Functionality meeting the demands for the Workplace of the Future .  In the future work is not where you are, but what you get done, and the features available with a VoIP solution enable just that.   With a VoIP solution comes access to advanced features such as outlook integration allowing voice to email, call forwarding, simultaneous ring, call waiting, caller id and many other features. All of these features enable increased productivity, collaboration and mobility among your employees.

Making the switch may be more about “when” than “if”. Faced with a shrinking subscriber base, major telecomproviders have decided that they can no longer afford to service their existing copper-based networks. If your business relies on traditional telephony, you can’t count on your providers extending service for much longer.

Currently some states, such as Illinois, are  passing   new telecommunications modernization law that authorizing traditional telco companies to dismantle their  landline systems.

Choose VOIP for your business sooner rather than later – before it’s too late to switch.

Office Systems of Texas can do this for you!

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