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Universal Print

Microsoft to launch Universal Print

  • Offered public preview of new technology on 7/21 and 7/22 during Microsoft Inspire event
  • New technology advertised as eliminating need for customers to have print servers on site, and getting rid need to maintain all print drivers, print queues and firmware
    • Claims it currently costs customers up to $4000 per year to deploy and maintain a print server
  • Moves all of the infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud using this solution
  • Customer must be subscriber/user of Microsoft Office365
  • Full visibility into print environment through a centralized administration portal
  • Claims to be working with all makers of printers and MFPs to develop devices that are compatible with new technology (none exist today)
  • Offering the “UP Connector”, which is advertised as allowing new solution to work with non-UP ready devices
    • Customer must either host on a VM in the cloud or, a local Windows 10 PC or Windows Server machine
    • Download connector at
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