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Tropical Storm Imelda

Tropical Storm Imelda came into Texas near the coastal town of Freeport on Tuesday and produced rain and lightning in the evening. Wednesday, the Houston area received rain and the areas south and east of the city received the most. At our office in North Houston, we  measured a little more than 3″ of rain on Thursday morning @ 6:30 am.  North Houston was calm with a few sprinkles. About 9 am the rain started and gradually intensified which resulted in the street we’re on, Lockhaven Dr., becoming nearly impassible with water rising over the curbs. When we checked the rain gauge at 1:30, the water was overflowing at 6″s. Imelda caused a lot of problems for the Houston area and we’ll be dealing with them for quite some time. Is there anything that can be done by our government to mitigate flooding in Houston? If so, when can we expect to see some relief from our ditches, gully’s, bayous , creeks and rivers?

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