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Good Morning John,


I wanted to send you an email regarding the incredible customer service I received from Kim Sanders. I called and spoke with Kim to research what it would take to replace our existing printer with a color machine. She remained top shelf professional, paid very close attention to the details of our needs, researched the matter, and quickly responded with a solution to our inquiry. She exemplified the truest form of 100% Customer Service and if I could reward her personally, I would. She is thorough, precise, polite, courteous, kind and understanding. Not once did she react other than professional and understanding, even when I had to keep her waiting while I worked with our Ex VP to obtain his exact requirements. I hope that there is some sort of recognition she will receive for the excellent work she did and for being the kind of example that makes the difference in customer service for your organization. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance. Thank you and have an incredible rest of your day.

Chariti  @  W.I.

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