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Toner Scam

Unfortunately, the toner scammers are working tirelessly to take the hard earned money of others. Attached is an invoice one of our clients graciously provided to us, in hopes of sharing it to protect others. Toner and office supply scanners will call and make very easy inquires, such as, asking to verify the serial number of the machine, or determine what type of copier hardware is in place – what they are doing is gathering facts to discuss with you at a later time, to make it seem like the call is business as usual. Once they have all the information needed, they are known to do several things; 1) call and try to sell you supplies at a “ discounted rate “ 2) call and advise that they will be shipping you supplies for the machine; not asking permission and not advising that there is a cost associated and 3) just shipping a pallet of supplies and an invoice. These supplies are often 5x’s more in price than what our company charges.

The best thing to do is not provide ANY information about your hardware over the phone. Ask for a call back number, email address and website and then fact check. This company Worldwide Business Services when I looked online has a B+ rating, which astonished me. I looked at the one bad review, and low and behold, the review was pertaining to being toner scammed. For other reasons, this company doesn’t sound quite right. It has a Linked in page but with no postings and limited followers and the website associated, which matches the email format on the invoice, is deactivated.

This scam has been going on since the 70’s –you protecting your privacy and your hardware information is the best way to guard your business.

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