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Toner Pirates & Scammers

“Toner pirates are scary, matey. Don’t be scammed by crooks trying to sell you “cheap” bogus toner for your copier or printer.”

Recently, one of our customers fell victim to a “Toner pirate”, a scammer, when they agreed to accept toner from a high pressure telemarketer. When the toner arrived at their office, they discovered it was not the right brand and it cost much, much more money than if they had bought it from Office Systems of Texas. On top of that, there was an additional, disproportionate, shipping/handling fee. The really bad news was, toner is included in their Maintenance Agreement from Office Systems of Texas!

Office Systems of Texas does not share, sell or distribute your contact information.  We place the highest value on the business relationships we have established while constantly striving to secure and protect your information. We have proven procedures in place to insure the integrity, security and trust of our customers.

The scammers will say off brand toner/cartridges are “compatible” with OEM devices. I strongly disagree and will say, this is usually not true. After 42 years in business, time and time again, we have seen poorly manufactured, misrepresented replacement toner cartridges leading to problems including toner spilling inside machines resulting in poor image quality, noises, component failure and  outright failure to print.

To achieve the best performance, including highest image quality, lowest operating cost due to lasting longer and less service, you can trust Office Systems of Texas to provide the toner cartridges that are certified to provide the best performance for your particular printing device. Proper storage of toner is essential to peak performance. If the temperature gets too hot, the toner will become chunky. Not good!

The majority of our customers have Maintenance Agreements that INCLUDE the toner at NO CHARGE. There is no need to purchase toner/cartridges in a standard all inclusive service/maintenance agreement with Office Systems of Texas. Why would you pay additional money for something that is already included?

Buyer beware! When in doubt, verify. If you are contacted and requested to provide information about you office printers, verify who you dealing with. Office System of Texas will not try to sell you toner you don’t need, especially if it’s included in your agreement with us. When in doubt, call us at 281 443-2996.

When you do business with Office Systems of Texas, we will always work in your best interests to protect and maintain your security and confidentiality. We value your trust and our relationship.

Ask about recycling toner cartridges with our no cost “Green Planet Program”.

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