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The Summer Vacation Business

Have you ever wondered why school is out for summer? It was once believed that students getting summers off from school originated in the 19th century so that they would have time off to tend to the family farms, planting and harvesting. Apparently, as cities got denser they got hotter. With brick and concrete surrounding much of the cities and raising the heat factor, families would take off to cooler climates. This created absence in the classrooms which in turn caused problems since school was once mandatory during summertime. Around that time, labor unions were in effect and working adults were getting more time off. Legislators decided to get involved and started arguing that it was beneficial for families to have summers off. By the turn of the last century, urban areas cut down 60 school days from the hottest part of the summer. After the mid-century, air conditioning was invented defeating the original purpose behind vacant schools in the summertime.


Businesses, of course, saw an opportunity and turned the summers into the summer vacation business. This is now one of the largest billion dollar industries in America. The summer vacation industry is projecting to hit spending records with the average American family spending $2,000 on vacation. Americans are expected to spend over 100 billion this year on Summer vacation for the 3rd year In a row – which is record breaking and economy boosting!

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