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The MFP is not printing….

It’s a Monday morning and you just sent a print job to the MFP. Beep, Beep, Beep and “No matching paper size” says the copier/printer!  The dadgum paper tray is almost full of letter size paper.  What could be wrong? A quick call to OST for some help. It turns out that someone has changed the paper tray settings from “Plain Paper” to “Thick 1”. The current print job is looking for “Plain Paper”. The OST Technician instructed how to change the paper tray settings and the print job is completed.

Here’s the steps to change a paper tray setting: On the main copy screen of the touch panel, select “Auto Paper”. Next, select the correct paper tray then over to the right, touch “Change Tray Settings”. Select the correct paper type then touch “Close” at the bottom right of the screen.


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