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Taking a new path.

Family has always been very important to me. From being a husband to my bride for almost 35 years, and to being Dad to 3 awesome kids. This journey through life with them has been awesome. I have enjoyed providing for them in many ways weather emotionally, spiritually, financially….it has been a journey that I have been blessed to be on and a journey that I have truly enjoyed.

That said I started a new path about two weeks ago and I have to tell you, I think this just might give the past a run for its’ money.

I am now a Grandpa!!!

Maiya Rose Wendt came into the world on 9/24/18 @ 9:24 AM. She is by far the world’s most beautiful little girl (along with her 2 Aunts of course) and has Pop Pop’s heart wrapped around her little finger.

I have already enjoyed the sweet hugs, kisses, feeding her, holding her, loving on her….and giving her back to Mom and Dad when she cries and needs her diaper changed.

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