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Spring Break 2018

This past year, Houston got some snow, not the usual Icey stuff that falls and is gone by the time it hits the ground, nor the slush that decides to stick around, but this past year we actually got FLUFFY snow that stuck around for a while. I had about two inches of snow on my lawn and on my work van, I had enough snow to make snowballs and hit both of my managers with then. I tricked then by saying I wanted to show them something and when they came out I tossed a couple of snowballs at them. That is something I have never been able to do here in Houston…ever.

Well because of the snow that fell, my kids fell in LOVE with snow, something like I said, never falls here like that so it was something new for them. because of that, we decided to see more snow, and now this year’s Spring Break, we went to Colorado. We decided to stray in the Denver Area, Englewood to be precise and then go from there.

We drove there and along the way we made stops to see things that you can’t if you fly. Our first stop was in Amarillo Texas, we got to paint some cars at the Cadillac Ranch, got on route 66, and ate at the BIG Texan, We saw a couple of People try and eat the 72oz Big Texan steak with no luck, its FREE, if you can eat it and all the fixings. After that, we drove thru New Mexico and stopped at the Capulin Volcano National Monument. It was so beautiful and a fun hike also. From there we went into Colorado.

Day 1 in Denver: Didn’t stay too long there, we drove into Frisco for Breakfast and then onto Breckenridge. There we rode the gondolas up to the mountain and the kids got to ride a snow roller coaster. We ate Lunch and then took the kids sledding….by far their favorite thing to do in the snow. The views there are very beautiful. That night we went back to our apartment to sleep.

Day 2: We stayed in Denver and took the kids to the Children’s Museum and went sight seeing in the city. Just a nice relaxing day after having to drive so much from Saturday to Monday.

Day 3: Back to the Mountains …SKI day… We decided to go to Arapaho Basin to ski, had fun, but the kids didn’t enjoy it as much as they thought they would, we may try it again in a couple of years when the kids are a little older. So we also took them sledding again.

Day 4: another sightseeing day near Denver, we went to Red Rocks Amphitheater and started to go to the Molly Brown house, but there were too many people there. Instead, we just drove around The Denver area.

Day 5: We went into Estes Park and did a Ghost tour of the Stanley Hotel, That is where Stephen King got the Idea for his Book, THE SHINING. From there we went into Rocky Mountain National Forest. Once again, the kids had a blast. We got to play in the snow, make snow angels, a snowman, hike, and see how beautiful our country is. We also got to see some Elk and Mule deer up close. Then on the way back, we went to the World’s Biggest Liquor store, DAVECO.

Day 6: Now its time to say goodbye to Denver and start heading home. As always of course, we did stop at a few places. Fist stop was Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods. Such a fun place, the kids got to see some people climbing the Big Rocks, and they did a little climbing themselves. From there we went into Pueblo to enjoy some Green beer and Corned beef n cabbage on St. Paddy’s Day. Now on to Home.

We arrived back home on Sunday morning at 7:am thanks to my oldest Daughter driving most of the night. We slept part of the day and then my oldest went back to Austin so she could go back to The University of Texas on Monday. My next blog may be about her graduation…..we’ll see

‘Till next time……

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