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Southern Girl

Southern girl


I am reading all the time and came upon 8 Things that defines “Southern Hospitality”.


  1. Making your guest feel like family – we aren’t all from Mississippi, Alabama, Texas or Louisiana so why not invite your co-workers, poker group, etc. over for a good meal
  2. Good conversation
  3. Fun outdoors – BBQ grill, fun watching football
  4. Show your hospitality with kind words e.g. thank you, Yes ma’am/sir
  5. Going to church on Sunday and of course cooking afterwards
  6. Homemade dessert (sweet potato pie) and coffee after lunch
  7. Don’t forget the sweet tea or mix half and half (sweet/unsweet) to make it just right
  8. When the day is closing – say the good byes that could take at least 30 minutes


Think about what you could add to this list?

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