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Shock Collar

Last week I purchased a “shock collar” on Amazon. The PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collar for Dogs w/3 Training Modes, Beep Vibration and Shock, Up to 1000Ft Remote Range. I didn’t support shocking your dog as a training method before & don’t even more so now after purchasing it. My intention was to use this collar for its vibration modes, as it has multiple levels of intensity. Reviews talked ab how well peoples dogs responded to the vibration. Once it arrived I was curious as to how the shock feature worked. It has levels ranging from 1-16! Ok I thought, let me see what’s really going on. I put my index & thumb to the shock prongs & tried the level 4 shock. Surely that can’t be too bad right? Negative. I don’t know what I was thinking but it wasn’t smart to start at level 4 I’ll tell you that. It gave me a good zap & shot out of my hands. I said some things to it as it went flying across the room. Can’t imagine levels 5-16!!! Really scares me that these things are most definitely in the wrongs hands of some crappy dog owners. Or for people with young kids. There is no safety or code to put in to access the shock button. It’s just right there on the remote with the vibrate & beep buttons. All that said the collar really does work well for getting my 5 month old puppers attention when we go out & I let her off the leash. When I hit the vibrate button she stops & turns around like “who the heck touched me?!” Then she runs back to me.

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