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If you utilize your Konica Minolta’s MFP’s “Scan to Email” function and you change your main email account’s password, don’t forget to input the new password into the “E-mail TX (SMTP)” field of the MFP’s GUI. It’s easy to do. Just open a web browser and input the MFP’s IP (Ex: into the web browser’s address bar and press the enter key on the keyboard. Next, click on the “To Login Screen” then click on “OK”.  In the new window, click on “Administrator”, then “Login”.  Enter the administrator password and click on “OK”. Click on the “Network” tab, “E-Mail Setting”, then “E-Mail TX (SMTP). Scroll down to the bottom of page and enter the new password. Click “OK” to save the new password. Don’t forget to log out as administrator when complete.


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