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San Jacinto Texas Independence Virtual Fun Run

As a company we recently had the option to participate in the San Jacinto Texas Independence VIRTUAL Fun 5k/10k Run. Being a local company ourselves, we are always trying to participate and support our local charities, events, and businesses. With the event being a virtual run, we had the option to complete the run on our own time within a specific time frame. This allowed everyone so much flexibility in not only time but also location as you could choose any location that was convenient for you. Both my son and I chose to complete our 10k at Dennis Johnston Park on a Saturday morning. They have wonderful trails there that are all mile marked with an abundance of scenery. The park connects to several other parks in the area as well including Pundt Park and Spring Creek Greenway Nature Center. We had a great time and really pushed ourselves. It was a great event to share with so many at work too. I got to hear information on a variety of parks throughout the Houston area and learn about several I never even knew about. What a great way to get outdoors, get moving and learn even more about this great city of Houston.

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