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Russia 2018 football world cup

Every 4 years in the summer time in some part of the world, the football (soccer) world cup is held, this year was Russia’s turn to be the host country that organized this sport event. Only 32 teams in the world made it to this competition, the best of the best and if you are a soccer craze like I am, it’s very exciting to watch them play.

Unfortunately, two of my favorite teams were not in this competition, U.S.A and Honduras. U.S.A was eliminated by Trinidad & Tobago, a tiny island of 120 sq. miles and Honduras was eliminated by Australia.

Trying to watch the 64 games in few weeks is a challenge, so I just watched the ones I could. I was hoping the cup would be won by a country in the American continent, like: Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina but they didn’t make it to the finals. So, this time the world cup was won by France. Perhaps next world cup in Qatar in 2022 the countries in the American continent will have better luck.

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