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Robotic Process Automation

Top uses of RPA solutions

  • Report published by CMS Wire magazine
  • 5 most common ways that companies use robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to enhance document processing
    • Transactional data entry
      • Invoices, insurance claims, PHI, shipping documents, etc.
      • Document acquired and ingested
      • OCR and machine learning to auto categorize documents and extract data
      • Extracted data validated against internal data sources
      • Validated data is entered in line of business system (such as an ERP or EHR)
      • Real time prompts are generated and presented to workers to handle exceptions
      • Transaction are recorded and logged for audit/compliance
    • Document acquisition
      • Includes scanners, cameras, watch folders, email, etc.
      • Also websites, FTP sites, EDI translators, etc.
    • Shortcut (jumpto) to necessary documents
      • Button can be placed on any screen with no changes to application screen
      • Clicking button allows locating documents from any system
    • QuickCopy
      • Process by which a user opens a record in the line of business system
      • Clicks on button and automatically extracts selects pieces of data from one of more application screens
      • Copies them to field of open document to lessen data entry
    • Document assembly and forms extraction
      • Any application screen can be used as source to assemble document
      • Or as destination for data extracted from a form
      • Similar to a universal mail merge capability
    • (RPA solutions are available from the Konica Minolta ECM division)
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