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A request to our elected officials and unelected government employees

Cypress Creek Flooding Concerns


The repeated flooding in the Cypress Creek watershed, particularly downstream, is a threat to the economic vitality of the area and must receive significant mitigation funding immediately.  The historic lack of investment in local flood control is unsustainable.  Thank you for your consideration to this urgent matter.

Mike Waites, President

Cypress Creek Personnel Services

I am very concerned about the disastrous flooding that has affected so many in our area, but more concerned about the lack of funding to mitigate future flooding and impact on our communities between 249 & I 45.

Pam Bailey, President

Chaparral Management Co.

The recent economic development in northwest Harris County is being risked by continual flooding and the precedent of some industries leaving the county due to the flooding.  Immediate significant investment in the Cypress Creek watershed is necessary to ensure the value of homes and businesses in the area.

Sharon Teusink, Manager

BHG Realtors Gary Green

Living in North West Harris County since 1973, I’ve observed the flooding of homes and businesses worsening through the years. The costs in human suffering and financial losses is staggering. Despite public outcry’s following each of these disasters, no remedy has been instituted. As taxpayers, we the residents and business owners are calling for a solution to the flooding. Ultimately, only our government agencies can effectively deal with this problem. Now is the time for action.

George Peckham

Office Systems of Texas

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