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Remote Work Not So Great?

  • Article published in The Wall Street Journal
  • Company executives interview admitted that 4 months ago, when COVID-19 pandemic started, employees were sent home and were very productive initially
  • Some companies even vowed to give up their physical office spaces entirely.
  • Now, as the work-from-home experiment stretches on, comments include:L
    • projects take longer
    • training is tougher
    • hiring and integrating new employees, more complicated.
    • workers appear less connected
    • bosses fear that younger professionals aren’t developing at the same rate as they would in offices, sitting next to colleagues and absorbing how they do their jobs.
  • increasing number of executives now say that remote work, while necessary for safety much of this year, is not their preferred long-term solution once the coronavirus crisis passes.
    • “This is not going to be sustainable,'” said Laszlo Bock, chief executive of human-resources startup Humu and the former HR chief at Google
      • “It was people being terrified of losing their jobs, and that fear-driven productivity is not sustainable,” Mr. Bock said.
    • “You can tell people are getting fatigued,” said Peter P. Kowalczuk, president of Canon
      • We’re really a face-to-face business,” he said. “I don’t think offices are dead.”
    • It’s important to have people in a room and see body language and read signals that don’t come through a screen, says Mark Loehr, CEO of OpenExchange Corp.
    • “I am concerned that we would somehow believe that we can basically take kids from college, put them in front of Zoom, and think that three years from now, they’ll be every bit as productive as they would have had they had the personal interaction,” said Mr. Ronald Kruszewski, CEO of Stifel Finance Corp.
      • “We’re missing things, and that will become more evident over time.”
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