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Recycling of toner cartridges from Office Systems of Texas

Office Systems of Texas provides no cost pick up for used toner bottles/cartridges when we deliver your replacement toner order.

When the print device indicates “low on toner” it is merely letting you know toner will need to be replaced soon. Do not remove/replace toner at this time.

When the “REPLACE TONER” indicator is displayed, remove the used toner bottle/cartridge, put the new replacement toner in the printer and place the used one in the empty box the replacement toner came in. We will pick this up the next time we deliver toner to you.

We will return the used toner bottles/cartridges to Konica Minolta utilizing their “Clean Planet Recycling” Program

No consumables in landfills. Konica Minolta has partnered with Close the Loop, Inc.,
a leading global recycler of imaging consumables to process returned consumables in an
environmentally safe and responsible manner. All cartridges are recycled with zero waste
to landfill and zero incineration.
Creating new and useful materials. Using state-of-the-art material separation processes,
all consumables are processed, extracted and recovered for reuse. Recovered component
materials are reengineered so they can again be manufactured into useful products such
as asphalt and plastic modifiers.
No additional cost. Unlike some recycling plans, Konica Minolta’s Clean Planet Recycling
Program doesn’t require you to pay shipping or recycling costs.
All Konica Minolta consumables can be recycled. We now accept toner cartridges,
imaging units, waste toner bottles, developer units and drums — all the consumables
from every Konica Minolta model, not just selected models. No matter what volume of
consumables you use, there’s a recycling program to fit your needs.
A total commitment to the environment. For years, Konica Minolta has led the industry
in policies and technologies designed to protect our planet — saving energy, minimizing
pollution and reducing environmental impact through the entire lifecycle of our products

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