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Xerox Alleged Maze Ransomware Victim

According to BleepingComputer, Maze ransomware claims to have captured 100GB of Xerox data as of June 25th. Xerox has yet to confirm this cyberattack but Maze is offering 10 screenshots of Xerox files as proof of breach.

“Specifically, one image shows that hosts on ‘,’ managed by Xerox Corporation, were compromised. Systems on other domains might also be impacted.” If true, Maze is demanding Xerox negotiate payment to regain access to their encrypted files.

If Xerox fails to pay, the ransomware group is threatening to publish this stolen data online. Given Xerox’s size, industry importance, close ties to other businesses, and the many examples of financial and corporate drama in the past few years, the publication of this data could be shattering.

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