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Prism GroupPoint

Prism GroupPoint

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GroupPoint is a new and exciting type of application that brings new document processing power to the desktop. It facilitates the growing workplace trend of establishing communities of co-workers, true co-worker document collaboration, and user-built personal workflow document processes.

  • Co-worker Communities GroupPoint document processing software allows you to easily communicate with co-workers through its unique interface. Easily send documents to your co-workers simply by dragging and dropping. Co-workers can markup, modify, and approve documents you send to them. You can also assemble groups of co-workers having similar functions or tasks – such as departments, projects, geography – into communities for rapid document processing by the group.
  • Collaboration Documents and print jobs can be processed with file conversion, compression, encryption, watermarks and page deletion or insertion.
  • Personal Workflow Processes Processing documents has always been tedious and time consuming. GroupPoint document processing software makes it easy. Simply build personal document processes at your desktop and then drag a scanned document to it; the GroupPoint process will automatically perform the workflow task that you author. You can design a wide range of simple-to-complex workflow processes for all types of documents: invoices, statements, applications, delivery receipts, HR, legal, accounting, finance, operations, education, and much more.
  • Workflow Companion to DocRecord Easily check documents out of and back into DocRecord directly through GroupPoint. GroupPoint is the advanced workflow and collaboration application that is unique only to DocRecord and provides DocRecord with unparalleled functionality and power.