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PageScope Enterprise Suite

PageScope Enterprise Suite

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Easily manage your entire fleet of printers with PageScope Enterprise Suite from Konica Minolta. This cost recovery solution is a server-based application that was designed to help with printer management, account tracking, user authentication and custom operator interfaces. It saves time, creates efficiencies and offers robust features for any size business. You can count on Konica Minolta and PageScope Enterprise Suite to help you with cost recovery from your printer fleet.

Konica Minolta PageScope Enterprise Suite is comprised of four modules:

PageScope MyPrint Manager: Easily manages print jobs for multiple users of different types – including mobile users. In addition, it protects documents in a secure queue until users authenticate themselves at any supported device in the network.  Your print job follows you to any MFP on the network for the ultimate secure printing solution.

PageScope Account Manager:  Cost recovery is simple with Account Manager, it tracks document activity on the network without the need to install hardware or software on each device. Also, helps to manage document output, control costs and allocate expenses based on print volume.

PageScope Authentication Manager: Synchronizes with your Active Directory which reduces the need for IT support. Plus, optional security readers can be installed such as proximity card readers, iClass card readers or even biometric authentication devices.

PageScope MyPanel Manager: Remembers user settings based on login and displays preferences at each networked device. MyPanel manager also provides users access to their personal address book.

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