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Konica Minolta Copier Apps

Konica Minolta Copier Apps

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Count on Konica Minolta for convenience and cutting edge technology. Download apps that give you direct access to personal or professional information, streamline workflow, improve productivity and enhance user experience…directly to your bizhub MFP control panel! We’ve put a new world right at your fingertips.

app-AnnouncementBuild your corporate culture and transform your MFP into a dynamic communication vehicle. Use the Announcement app to display a corporate message or ad as a screensaver on the control panel of an MFP that is not in use. You can view, pause, or repeat an ad or announcement, or click on a link to view more information online. The Announcement app allows you to share information, announcements, and marketing messages with every employee, building your corporate culture and enhancing the user experience at the MFP.

Clean Planet:
app-CleanPlanetKonica Minolta’s Clean Planet program is the industry’s first cost-free recycling plan for all bizhub consumables. With the Clean Planet app, you can order bulk shipping boxes and print shipping labels directly from your bizhub MFP.

Scan Clerk:
app-ScanClerkKonica Minolta’s Scan Clerk app gives legal providers a quick way to scan and distribute information to pre-programmed email addresses of attorneys, clients, courts, and other legal service providers. With this app, each employee can have their own separate address books with relevant email addresses and scan settings for their legal cases. For paralegals and legal temps, Legal Scan simplifies the process of distributing information – and helps avoid time-consuming omission and redistribution problems.

Connect to Microsoft SharePoint:
app-sharepointTake advantage of cloud technology with the Connect to SharePoint app. Once logged into your SharePoint account, this app allows you to upload data and store files in a specific SharePoint library, and browse, print, and edit SharePoint documents.

Connect to Weather:
app-WeatherWhat’s the weather like? Will it affect your driving or travel plans? With the Weather app, you can access the current weather of any location you select, whether it be where your MFP runs or where you’re going to be later on.

RSS Feeds:
app-RSSThe RSS Feeds app makes getting the latest information from RSS news feeds faster and easier. You can customize the RSS Feeds app to display specific feeds from organizations that are related to your industry, weblogs, subscribed online published content, and other sources you count on for important news and leading edge information.

Connect to Twitter:
app-twitterGet short bursts of timely information displayed on the MFP control panel with the Connect to Twitter app. You can easily customize the app to display only those Tweets that would be most relevant to your business or organization.

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