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Konica Minolta
Bizhub PRESS 1052
105 ppm

Konica Minolta
Bizhub PRESS 1052
105 ppm

bizhub PRESS 1052

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Introducing the bizhub PRESS 1052 – a high-volume digital press that prints, copies and scans. With a monthly duty cycle of two million impressions, 105 ppm output and 14,000-sheet max paper capacity, the bizhub PRESS 1052 delivers a higher level of productivity.

  • B&W: 105 PPM
  • Max Monthly Volume: 2,000,000 Pages
  • Max Paper Capacity: 14,000 Sheets
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan

Konica Minolta’s bizhub PRESS 1052 is a digital press designed for high-speed, high-volume B&W production print. It prints at speeds up to 105 ppm and offers a maximum paper capacity of 14,000 sheets with a monthly duty cycle of three million impressions. Produce 600-page perfect bound books, 200-page saddle stitched booklets or mailers folded in any one of six different ways, while knowing that the bizhub PRESS 1052 is budget and environmentally friendly. This digital press keeps energy consumption and costs low while output (and quality) remain high.


Quality Production Prints. A high-speed, high-volume digital press that prints up to 105 ppm (6,300 pph), the bizhub PRESS 1052 keeps your operation’s workflow moving and your timelines intact.

Reliable. With a monthly duty cycle of three million impressions, the bizhub PRESS 1052 is built to keep up with even the most demanding workloads.

Versatile. Finish in style with options for perfect binding, saddle stitching, ring binding, folding (6 patterns), punching and multi-stapling – even a large capacity stacker with roll away cart to transport printed output to offline finishing stations.

Environment-friendly design. SConserves energy by shutting down circuits not being used in the printing process, while also using Simitri® HD Toner with biomass to protect the environment.

FS-532 All-in-One 100-sheet Stapling Finisher: With an output of up to 4,500 sheets, the FS-532 All-in-One provides auto-shift sorting and can staple up to 100 sheets.

PK-522 2/3-Hole Punch Kit (for FS-532): Adds 2/3-hole punching capabilities to your FS-532 finisher.

PI-502 Post Inserter (for FS-532): Enables addition of pre-printed covers and inserts into documents entering the FS-532 finisher.

SD-510 Saddle Stitch/Folding Kit (for FS-532): Creates booklets of up to 20 sheets (80 pages), as well as multi-letter fold-in and multi-half fold (max: 5 sheets).

FD-503 Multi-Folding Unit (6 fold patterns, post-inserter and 2/3-Hole Punch): Offers six folding patterns inline to handle a wide variety of applications.

SD-506 Saddle-Stitch Unit (up to 200-page booklets): Performs ‘nested’ (no staples) multi-folding of up to five sheets in two different folding patterns, as well as creating saddle-stitched booklets of up to 50-sheets (200 pages) with face trimming.

PB-503 Perfect Binder (glue bound books up to 600-pages): Create glue bound books up to 600-pages/300-sheets (30mm thickness or less). The PB-503 includes a roll-away cart to safely transport stacks of finished books.

LS-505 Large Capacity Stacker (5,000-sheet capacity): PStacks up to 5,000-sheets on a convenient rollaway cart for easy transport to off-line finishing stations.

RU-509 and RU-510 Relay/Buffer Pass Units: Provide connectivity between marking engine and finishing options.

HM-102 De-curling Humidifier Unit (for RU-509): Reduces paper curl and cling by humidifying the paper passage to remove static electricity and heat from paper.

GP-501 GBC Multi-Hole Punch Unit (7 optional user replaceable dies): Select from 7 different dies to punch holes along the long edge of letter-sized sheets.

GP-502 Inline GBC Ring Binder: Create ring bound booklets (up to 200 pages) in line with this binding unit.

PF-703 Vacuum Paper Feed Unit (3 Trays: 5,000-sheets total): With a 3-tray, 5000-sheet capacity, this paper feed unit comes with unique vacuum feed technology that allows it to reliably feed a wide variety of paper types including envelopes (when system is configured with optional EF-102 Envelope Fusing Unit). Maximum paper size is 12” x 19”.

PF-706 Friction Feed Paper Feed Unit w/air assist (3 Trays: 6,000-sheets total): Increase your paper capacity by 6,000 sheets through a trio of drawers that handle up to 12” x 18” media.

EF-102 Envelope Fusing Unit: Enables users to print envelopes from the PF-703 Vacuum Paper Feed Unit.

HT-505 Heater Dehumidifier (for PF-703): Helps condition paper stock and reduce curl by removing excess moisture.

PP-701 Pre-printed Paper Kit (for PF-706): Enables the PF-706 to run pre-printed shells more reliably.

FA-501 PI-PFU Kit (for attachment of PF-703 as Post Insertion Cabinet): Enables attachment of PF-703 Vacuum Paper Feed Unit as a Post Process inserter.

UK-205 Upgrade Kit (for control panel integration with eCopy ShareScan)

Konica Minolta is constantly working to reduce bizhub’s eco footprint and improve its efficiency.Learn about our green printers and how to reduce your eco footprint with Konica Minolta.

Eco Vision 2050

In January 2009 Konica Minolta formulated Eco Vision 2050 as its long-term environmental vision. This vision guides Konica Minolta in
the right direction to achieve its future objectives and fulfill its responsibility as a global corporation by contributing to a sustainable
earth and society.
Konica Minolta created the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2015 as a milestone marker toward the goals outlined in its Eco
Vision 2050.

Formulation of Eco Vision 2050 for a sustainable earth and society.

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