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Konica Minolta bizhub 223
22 ppm

Konica Minolta bizhub 223
22 ppm

bizhub 223

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Konica Minolta laser multifunction printers are affordable and ideal for small to mid-size businesses. The bizhub 223 prints and copies in high-resolution B&W at up to 22 pages per minute, while it scans in both color and B&W at up to 70 ppm.

  • B&W: 22 PPM
  • Max Monthly Volume: 60,000 Pages
  • Max Paper Capacity: 3,650 Sheets

You can count on Konica Minolta laser multifunction printers to keep your information moving. Designed for small to medium businesses – the bizhub 223 prints, copies, scans and faxes. Watch your productivity soar as you print and copy in high resolution B&W at up to 22 pages per minute or scan in both color and B&W at up to 70 ppm. Packed with solutions to address all your business needs, laser multifunction printers from Konica Minolta are the right choice for your business.

  • 22 ppm monochrome B&W output with a monthly duty cycle of 60,000 pages per month
  • 8.5 color touch screen
  • 3,650 sheet maximum paper capacity (with options) for fewer refills in-between jobs
  • A broad range of scanning options for flexible information sharing
  • Super 3G fax option with dual line support (optional)
  • Emperon Print System (standard) provides built-in print/scan functionality with point and click control and PCL6/PS3emulation for Windows and Mac
  • PageScope Software streamlines workflow by providing web-based monitoring and network control, enhanced security andimproved document management
  • Advanced finishing options for laser multifunction printers include 50-sheet stapling, sorting, folding, booklet making and hole punching

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Konica Minolta laser multifunction printers are affordable and ideal for small to mid-size businesses. The bizhub 223 prints and copies in high-resolution B&W at up to 22 pages per minute, while it scans in both color and B&W at up to 70 ppm.

A Big Performer for Small Business. The bizhub 223 will exceed your expectations, providing professional quality B&W prints at speeds up to 22 ppm. Featuring a 60,000 page-per-month maximum duty cycle, these laser multifunction printers can keep up with huge demands.

Green Print. Reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint with this multifunction printer. The bizhub 223 relies on Konica Minolta exclusive Simitri HD Polymerized Toner, which is better for the environment and your bottom line.

Scan Central. Designed to scan at speeds up to 70 sheets per minute (with optional DF-621 Reversing Auto Document Feeder), the bizhub 223 allows you to scan easily to multiple locations. Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-HDD (with optional HDD), Scan-to-SMB (desktop) or Network HDD TWAIN.

Chic and Sleek. Center-office styling make laser multifunction printers ideal for any office environment. It’s easy to add finishing options and additional paper capacity (up to 3,650 sheets max capacity) without adding bulk. Stackable drawers and streamlined output help maintain an unobtrusive design.

Make your Network Work for you Expand the capability of your laser printer copier with a variety of software options for security, control and network management. PageScope software allows Network Administrators a single-point of access to control multiples devices, check printer settings and manage address and security settings.

Multi-Platform Functionality. Enjoy Konica Minolta’s exclusive Emperon Print System which provides PCL6/PS3 emulation and compatibility with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit and Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4,10.5 and 10.6.

A Full Range of Finishing Options. Professional presentations at the touch of a button? No problem. With the variety of finishers available for the bizhub 223, you can effortlessly transform single originals into stapled prints, saddle stitched booklets, folded packets or hole-punched documents. Finishers are modular and designed to suit all your needs.

High-Speed Super G3 Fax Option. Add faxing capability to laser multifunction printers is easy. This kit offers options for Super G3 fax transmission/reception; faxes in less than 3 seconds per page at up to 300 destinations at a time. Additional fax functions include IP Address Faxing, IP Relay Fax and PC Faxing. Optional dual-line support increases fax input/output capability.

HD-516 250 GB Hard Disk Drive: Adds additional functions including User Box, Secure Print, ID & Print, Thumbnail Preview and more.

FK-508 Fax Kit: Includes Super G3 fax, IP Address Fax and PC Network Fax Driver.

MK-726 Fax Mount Kit: Required for each FK-508 installation.

DF-621 Reversing Automatic Document Feeder: Feeds double-sided and mixed originals with a 100-sheet capacity.

PC-109 Paper Feed Cabinet/Storage: One 500-sheet capacity universal paper holder / 5.5" x 7.16" to 11.69" x 17" (140 x 182 mm to A3) / 16 lb. bond to 24 lb. (60-90 g/m²).

PC-208 Paper Feed Cabinet: One 2 x 500-sheet capacity universal paper holder / 5.5" x 7.16" to 11.69" x 17" (140 x 182 mm to A3) / 16 lb. bond to 24 lb. (60-90 g/m²).

PC-409 Large Capacity Cabinet: One 2,500-sheet capacity paperholder / 8.5" x 11" (A4) (portrait only)/ 16 lb. bond to 24 lb. (60-90 g/m²).

DK-508 Copy Desk Storage: Increase your storage for supplies.

JS-505 Inner Job Separator: For use when a finisher is not attached to separate print, copy and fax jobs.

FS-527 Floor Finisher: Floor type model, provides 50-sheet stapling capacity. Optional hole punching, saddle stitching options.

JS-603 Additional Output Tray for FS-527: Adds 100 sheets to total capacity.

PK-517 Punch Kit for FS-527: Adds 2 and 3 hole punching capability.

SD-509 Saddle Stitch Kit for FS-527: Provides fully folded booklet-making (60-page booklets) capability Making Output Booklet Tray.

FS-529 Inner Finisher: Adds 50-sheet stapling and electronic sorting capacity.

User Box Functionality: Optional , requires HD-516.

Max User Boxes/Max Document Storage: 1,000 User Boxes for Document Storage.

Optional Software: PageScope Enterprise Suite: Account Manager, Authentication Manager, MyPanel Manager, Net Care Device Manager (standard).

UK-203 1 GB Memory Upgrade Kit: Upgrade your copier to support any i-Option. Required for PageScope MyPanel Manager.

LK-101 i-Option: Enables web browsing at the control panel to create, combine and route documents.

LK-102 i-Option: Encrypts 128-bit AES PDF files and applies digital IDs and signatures (requires UK-203).

LK-105 i-Option: Allows the user to easily create searchable PDF documents while scanning (requires UK-203).

Keyboard Option: External Keyboard.

KH-101 Keyboard Holder: Holds the optional QWERTY keyboard.

EK-604 USB Kit: Connects optional external keyboard.

EK-605 USB Kit: Connects optional external keyboard and supports Bluetooth printing.

AU-102 Biometric Finger Vein Authentication: Scans finger vein patterns for secured access and release of documents.

AU-201H HID Proximity Card Authentication: Maintain security with card controlled access.

AU-202H HID iClass Card Authentication: Supports iClass Card Authentication for enhanced security.

AU-204H Magentic Card Reader: Convenient and secure MFP authentication where documents are safely & securely output using the AU-204H magnetic card reader from Konica Minolta.

AU-211P: CAC/PIV Card Authentication: Solutions that meet requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Government Employees.

WT-506: Working Table: An additional working surface to support Authentication Devices.

SC-507 Copy Guard Kit: Enables Watermark Security to prevent unauthorized copying of documents.

Protecting sensitive electronic information is of greater concern than ever before. With the proliferation of connected multi-functional office products, Konica Minolta realizes that protecting electronic documents processed by bizhub secure MFPs is an absolute requirement in the 21st century workplace. Our goal is to make bizhub products the most secure MFPs available on the market today.

Konica Minolta works with third-party security consultants to check each system to eliminate any possible threat from attack through the network or the phone line, as well as the possibility of the HDD or RAM being removed from the machine. Our MFPs can ensure documents that are copied, scanned, faxed or otherwise transmitted, do not remain stored on the hard drive or in DRAM memory as a standard feature.

Additional standard security capabilities include:

ISO 15408 EAL Level 3 Certification for the Total System Architecture. Konica Minolta MFPs are independently certified to the ISO 15408 Data security standard as established by the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. While some vendors may only certify a component of the MFP or a “”security kit,”” the entire system architecture on Konica Minolta MFPs is certified.

Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) is a numerical grade assigned to an IT product following the completion of a Common Criteria evaluation, an international standard for computer security certification. In contrast to other MFPs in the market which are certified based on a security option or a specific function, we engineer and provide ISO 15408 Evaluation Assurance Level 3 Security Certification for each product as a total system. This EAL represents an increase in assurance from EAL2 by requiring more complete testing coverage of the security functions, mechanisms, and procedures that provide some confidence that the target of evaluation will not be tampered with during development.

Hard Drive Data Protection

  • HDD Lock Password The internal Hard Drive can be locked using a password of 20 alphanumeric characters. The data stored on the HDD is protected – Even if the HDD is removed from the MFP and installed into a different MFP or PC, the data cannot be read – The hard drive will not turn on.

  • Hard Drive Encryption Whether it be standard or as an option, bizhub MFPs support Hard Drive Encryption. Hard drive data can be encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Once a hard drive is encrypted the data cannot be read even if the HDD is removed from the MFP.
  • Hard Drive Sanitization At disposal a key operator, administrator or technician can physically wipe (erase) the hard drive if the MFP needs to be relocated or at the end of lease. The hard drives can be overwritten (sanitized) using up to eight different highly secure methods including DOD, NASA, Air Force, and NSA standards.
  • Data Auto Deletion Data Auto Deletion allows an administrator to set an auto deletion timer for data stored in the personal or public user boxes, as well as system boxes (e.g. secure print box or encrypted PDF print box). The auto deletion setting will erase the copy, print, scan or fax jobs stored in boxes, depending on the storage period and the time frame selected for deletion. The data is automatically erased using a highly secure, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), overwrite method.
  • Automatic Job Overwrite (Temporary Data Overwrite) Most bizhub MFPs support automatic erase of any temporary image data that might remain on the hard drive after a job is completed. Temporary Data overwrite conforms to DoD methods

Konica Minolta is constantly working to reduce bizhub’s eco footprint and improve its efficiency.Learn about our green printers and how to reduce your eco footprint with Konica Minolta.

Eco Vision 2050

In January 2009 Konica Minolta formulated Eco Vision 2050 as its long-term environmental vision. This vision guides Konica Minolta in the right direction to achieve its future objectives and fulfill its responsibility as a global corporation by contributing to a sustainable earth and society. Konica Minolta created the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2015 as a milestone marker toward the goals outlined in its Eco Vision 2050.

Formulation of Eco Vision 2050 for a sustainable earth and society.