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Paper vs Digital Screen

School dumps iPads – back to textbooks

  • For the past 5 years, Reddam House’s primary and junior high school classes have used e-textbooks on iPads.
  • consistent feedback from the students has been that they preferred pages to screens
  • Teachers also found the iPads were distracting and did not contribute to students’ technology skills, prompting the school to announce that students should no longer use digital textbooks, and must revert to hard-copy versions instead.
  • Principal Dave Pitcairn stated; “The ease of navigation through the textbook was easier with the hard copy. I believe they learn better the more faculties they use, the more senses they use in research and reading and making notes.”
  • analysis of all the research into differences in book formats has found that understanding improves when information is read in a paper rather than a digital format.
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