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Klein I.S.D.’s, Klein Leadership Coalition held their third meeting of 2019 today at the Klein Multipurpose Center on FM 2920.

Thanks go out to CARRABBA’S Italian Grill at Champions for providing the wonderful lunch and additional sponsorship from Don & Lynne Dozier and Adobe.

“In Klein ISD, every student enters with a promise & exits with a purpose”.  Accountability and Choice are two themes in stated in the overview relating to the very important subject of School Finance. Klein ISD Superintendent, Bret Champion, Ed.D stated we were going to discuss finance numbers and the audience feared we were about to be subjected to “death by numbers”. Instead, Dr. Champion presented a most enthusiastic session in which the entire audience of @300 was involved.  Dr. Champion requested @100 people, representing a proportionate amount of the number of people in each department district wide, to stand and participate using arms and hands, gesturing to indicate their particular role in the ISD system . Of these, 66 teachers stood side by side in the front of the room motioning with their arms as if to communicate for students “to come on this way”; 7 Clerical Admins continued the assembled line up next to the teachers and made hand motions of inputting numbers on a keypad; 6 Safety personal representing Counselors, Nurses and Police expressed caring by holding their arms over their chests in an expression of care & love; 6 more (including myself) represented the custodial component and acted as if we were vacuuming while moving our arm back and forth uttering “vacuum cleaner noises”; 5 Bus Drivers/Transportation people looked as if they were grasping a steering wheel,; 3 Administrators, raised their arms and pointed their fingers as if providing direction; 2 more represented the Manual Trades/Building made motions with their hands as if they were hammering; 2 people represented Technology and IT used their hands as if they were plugging a cable in and finally, The last person to stand, held their arm up high and pointed as if to lead the entire organization. The people who remained seated were hemmed on 3 sides with everyone in the room clapping and laughing. “Fun by numbers”.

The Klein school district has almost 54,000 students. The numbers of the ISD infrastructure are 4,442 Teachers, Librarians & Teacher Support personnel, 468 Clerical, 387 Safety & Whole Student, 346 Custodial, 324 Transportation, 189 Campus Administrators, 177 Manual Trades & Warehouse, 131 IT, Data Services & Business Support and 60 Central Office Administrators.   This is not a Admin heavy School District…

“Klein ISD supports House Bill 3. We believe House Bill 3 is the best proposed legislation option currently being discussed this session.”

Klein ISD has a 5 STAR RATING for Academic Progress and Cost-Effective Finances by Texas Smart Schools

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