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Odd Jobs

I Love working at Office Systems of Texas, but during this time of year I have also been involved in other “jobs”. I worked at one of Houston’s oldest “Haunted Houses”, THE HAUNTED HOTEL, for seventeen years, and have worked off and on at THE TEXAS RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL, or as some people call it, TRF. These extra “JOBS” are more fun than work and give me a break from the everyday. I’ve met some very interesting people and some of my best friends working these extra jobs. I started at THE HAUNTED HOTEL as an Actor when I was eighteen and moved up in the ranks to head of security, and even Manager at one point. At TRF, I’ve worked as an Actor, to what we call a Boothie (one who works in a shop selling goods or services) to Playing Drums for different Shows. Like I said before, it is more “FUN” than Work. When you visit TRF there are a lot of things to see and do. One of the things I like at TRF is the way I can see how printing has evolved. They show how an old time press works and how you can use lint to make parchment to print on. Also there are a lot of things to buy that you don’t see at other places. They have some great food there from several different regions of the world. There is traditional German, Polish, English, Spanish, French, and American (north, central, south, and Cajun) food, from the popular Turkey Leg to the… exotic Alligator on a stick or one of my favorite, gyros. In closing, all I have to say is…..Live life and have Fun. ‘til next time

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