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New Products coming

In a little over a month’s time from now, Graph Expo 2014 will be held in Chicago’s McCormick Convention Center. Graph Expo is an unbelievable showcase of large industrial size precision devices used in the printing industry. Each year the makers of printing devices show off their most innovative creations. Most of these are quite large and on a scale that “regular offices” would never utilize in their own facility. But for the large in house Production Print groups along with the Print industry types, this is truly a significant event. Konica Minolta will exhibit their newest devices and which will include 3D printers. We are excited to see the 3D printers and anticipate some new applications that will provide solutions to many different types of businesses. Konica Minolta will be showcasing several new models that sell for $100,000 and up. We’re very interested to see our manufacturer expanding the printer and copier product line that we, Office Systems of Texas, offer to our customers through sales, leasing and service.

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