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Moving Forward

After working at OST for almost 20 years and driving my own vehicle for that long, we now have company vans. The vans have been wrapped with the company logo all around and on the roof, and they even have our names on the doors. They are Chevy V8 cargo vans and have been upgraded with a cargo shelf and cargo net to secure all the parts that have been given to us as technician stock. We also have enough room to be able to fit a small multifunction machine to take with us for troubleshooting. We now have a gas and car wash account to keep our vans filled with fuel and to make sure they are clean so when the people of Houston see us driving around town, they see our clean, shiny, bright vans and think….WOW, that must be a great company…I should do business with them. This is just one of the ways our company invests in itself and staff to be able to do better and therefore give a better and higher quality of sales and service to our customers and our future and potential customers. So if someone sees our vans driving by, don’t be shy, give us a wave and a smile.

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