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Move More Month

Did you know that April is Move More Month? This April is unique in that for most of us, we are under orders to work from home, and stay home to help flatten the curve of Covid 19. For a lot of us, this might make you feel trapped, contained indoors – but it doesn’t have to; as long as you remain 6 feet or more away from non-household family members, you can get outside and move to your hearts content! And according to the American Heart Association, that’s just what you need to do, move for a content heart, mind, body & soul! Timing is everything and it’s a strange coincidence that Move More Month fell on a month where we all have likely found more time on our hands and less places to go to spend said time. April is a great month to get started, the weather in Houston is warm, but not hot, and getting acclimated to the outdoors now will help you continue and build on those outdoor activities in July and August when the heat and humidity can make it hard to begin. There is no time like the present friends!


Visit for recommended activities for adults and children, along with short videos to show how the exercise is performed.


Now get out there, and get movin!


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