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Motivational Monday

  • “ It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” – Edmund Hillary
    • I’ve been my own worst critic, my own worst enemy countless times. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting out of our own head, and taking action!  Putting that one foot in front of the other. In yoga, there is this saying, where your head goes your body will follow. Most often, this is reflective of a back bend, you start with your head, and slowly, gradually work your body to follow. The same concept is applicable for us mentally, when our head is full of perceived failures, or negative thoughts of why we cannot be successful – we wont be successful. I call it a self-fulfilling prophecy, I thought the worst, and I got the worst. This isn’t bad luck, this is poor initiative. If you believe the mountain is too tall to scale, you wont scale it. It will be too windy, too cold, to rainy – it will always be too something. But, if you believe scaling the mountain is a challenge worth accepting, you will have a thick, warm rain jacket, and strong tethers, and you will earn the view from the other side. Where you head goes, your body follows.
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