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Motivational Monday

“ Every decision for something is a decision against something else”

I’m going out on a limb here and quoting my favorite Netflix TV show – DARK, for my motivational Monday blog. I’ll also give credit to the Internet Gods, that have shown me that there are MANY versions of this quotation; credit additionally to: Rebecca Serle, Veda & A.S and my favorite, Middle aged time traveling DARK character Jonas Kahnwald, when speaking to his teenage self. When watching this show and hearing this statement, it really resonated for me in a way I hadn’t considered before, likely because of the context in which it was spoken – if the teen Jonas went back in time and changed something he thought would be for the better, the future middle aged Jonas wouldn’t exist. A yes to change the past, was a no to future existence. Despite my historically not thinking as such, a “yes”, OR “no” decision are mutually inclusive, proceeding with one thing, can very well mean discontinuing another. We all have this amazing opportunity to put our money, our time, and our literal votes, to show support for the things we believe in. Every dollar you spend is a choice for one “thing”, but simultaneously is a choice against all those competitor “things”. If supporting your community is important to you, you likely consider shopping locally at a small business before running into a big box store. Your investment in the small business is active decision against the box store. Our money, our investments have a lot more value than just what they buy – they are a reflection of what you are or are not in support of. In this my feedback is, do your research internally and externally – what do you believe in, what do you stand for, and put your money / time in support of something reflective of you, your priorities, your agenda; the future you want to see.

As a side note; Netflix’s DARK is a three season intense mind bending show about time travel, the consequences of our actions, and free will versus predetermined existence. If these themes are up your alley, I strongly recommend watching. The soundtrack is also KILLER.

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