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More security threats for printers/MFP

More security threats for printers/MFPs

  • Forescout Security published new report detailing how millions of IoT devices are at risk from TCP/IP stack flaws
  • Named the new vulnerabilities “Amnesia 33”
  • “you can crash devices with a single data packet”; stated Elisa Costante, VP of Research
    • “We find that the DNS, TCP and IP substacks are the most often vulnerable”
  • Flaws impact any system that is running a vulnerable TCP/IP stack, which could include printers, MFPs, medical devices, industrial control systems, routers, switches, etc.
  • “Because of the absence of a software bill of materials, it is often very hard to determine whether a vulnerable software is in a device”
  • (unlike many competitors, Konica Minolta-made bizhub devices use in-house developed Emperon code, and do NOT use TCP/IP code sourced from a third party)
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