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The Measure of Life is its Service

When people see the word “service,” many times we think of repair and maintenance. We might picture someone taking apart our brakes, removing an oil filter, or Otis Elevator waist deep in an elevator shaft. I challenge you to think differently.

“The measure of life is its service.” This is not only a very famous quote by General Sam Houston, it is also (quite appropriately) the motto of Sam Houston State University. This mantra has carried over into my adult life. As a serving member on the board of the Cape Conroe Property Owner’s Association, I see the enjoyment that is procured by the opportunity to give back to my small community. I am currently the head of the Community Relations Committee which is just another way of saying “community organizer.” I recently had the enjoyment of organizing the Cape Conroe annual Easter Egg Hunt. This consisted of arranging the appearance of the Easter Bunny, an egg hunt with 600 eggs, a piñata, and refreshments for the kids and adults. We had an amazing showing with about 75 kids, and was a fantastic example of “organized chaos.”

I say all that to say this; it is very rewarding to see the fruits of my labor come forth as smiles on kids’ faces, and of course the “fantastic job!” from their parents. Whether you are serving kids, veterans, or people with special needs the ability to help people is something that can only be experienced, and not described. I suggest that you take some time out of your busy schedule to help a cause. It just may be the most self-indulgent act you undergo.


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