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A Little Bragging

I just have to brag ….yes Brag about my youngest daughter. She just turned five in October and started school this year in pre-K. I wish she could have started Kindergarten this year but unfortunately, her Birthday is after the cutoff date in Texas Public schools, so she is in Pre-K. She is a very advanced for her age. My daughter is bi-lingual, she is fluent in English and Spanish, and she can even understand some French. I’m not saying that she is the smartest person in her class, but she is far more advanced in some areas than most of her class. And going to school wasn’t easy at first, she started in a class of what I’m going to call, not so well behaved students, very disruptive and after only her second day, She did not want to go back to school, telling us that she didn’t like school, she wasn’t learning anything and didn’t want to go back. We tried to encourage her to go and told her that she would learn and she would meet new friends and have fun at school. She would cry and would not get into the car when it was time to leave for school, one time she even hid under the bed so she wouldn’t have to go to school. By her second week there, she had told us that she had been hit several times by the same little girl, that none of the other kids wanted to play with her during recess and that when she needed a tissue to blow her nose, she raised her hand and the teacher said that she wasn’t taking questions at that time. My wife and I didn’t know what to do, our daughter didn’t like school and it tore us up taking her to school crying and fighting us every day. So my wife wrote an e-mail to the school to see if there was anything we could do or try to get my daughter to like school. Within an hour, the school responded and suggested that we move her to the other Pre-k class. Now my Daughter “LOVES” her new teacher and new class. She tells us what they do in class and that she has friends in her new class. She is excited to go to school and “try to learn” as she puts it. Her new class and teacher do so much that it makes school “fun” for my daughter. I’m not saying that her other teacher and class were no good, just that some people mesh and some don’t, and that can make a world of difference in how “fun” some things are. No matter what I’m very proud of My daughter and hope she excels in anything she does so I can keep on bragging.
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