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Konica Minolta’s annual Dealer Meeting

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending Konica Minolta’s annual Dealer Meeting. With their annual revenues up, net income up and operating income up, the Konica Minolta management was in a very happy mood. A big attraction in the “New Products Showcase” area were the 3D Printers. They’re really interesting and should be a great addition to our product offering. Part of the product roll-out will include a 3D printing education program for schools to help students learn how to use the new technology. We were shown the new Electronics for Imaging (EFI) wide format color printing device. The size alone is quite impressive. It is big and has the ability to print on all manner of substrates and thicknesses, up to 2 inches thick. That’s a real WOW! It uses Konica Minolta Ink Jet Print Heads, which are very precise and produce remarkably high print quality. It’s as good as anything I’ve ever seen, at any price. “Robin” was another interesting product that will soon be offered. It is a work place organizing company and is a diversification for KM that offers some really interesting applications. We also glimpsed at some very medical industry specific applications to enhance and offer security and compliance with Konica Minolta MultiFunction Printers/Scanners. There were also legal and education market specific applications shown which can provide some real benefits to their respective users. EyeLock is a device used to replace passwords and a great leap forward in technology and ease of use over our present biometric offerings. The future looks bright and interesting.

George Peckham

President, Office Systems of Texas


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