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If you’re overwhelmed with high volumes of paper documents, you need Dispatcher Phoenix ECM. Our award-winning document workflow solution provides advanced tools to maximize your productivity as you manage your documents. With Dispatcher Phoenix ECM, you can scan, index, and send documents to a variety of content management systems, including SharePoint and OnBase.

Features include:

  • Batch Scanning Workstation ─ Connect to any manufacturer’s high-speed scanner with the Dispatcher Phoenix Workstation, which provides a variety of pre-scan options for automated document separation, organization, and more.
  • Powerful Indexing and Verification ─ Dispatcher Phoenix ECM comes with a web-based Batch Indexing Tool that supports automated indexing via forms processing or database look ups to increase indexing accuracy and save time.
  • Batch Manager and Reports ─ Administrators can quickly access a one-stop view of all active batches to unlock and monitor each batch in the system. In addition, reports that track productivity and provide billing information can be easily generated and downloaded in a variety of formats.

All these features provide you with an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for batch scanning and indexing.  Call Office Systems of Texas at 281 443-2996 to learn about how you can optimize your workflow with Dispatcher Phoenix.

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