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Konica Minolta Japan

From the President…

On October 9, I was a guest of Konica Minolta, Inc. at their R&D Office for Knowledge Work and Trans-boundary Communication in Tokyo, Japan.

Earlier this year, Mr. Tom Taiko, Chairman and CEO of Konica Minolta Business Solutions, USA, had extended an invitation to do “something special” for me  when I visited Japan. Mr. Koji Isshiki and Mr. Katsura Hirai met me at the Marriott, Tokyo Station and took me out to Konica Minolta’s SKT facility. SKT is located in the middle of a very large complex of buildings exclusive to Konica Minolta and the entire site is devoted to High Speed & High Volume Production Print design/development.


The SKT is “Concept Building”, new and very special. “The “CASBEE” (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency” is a system for comprehensively evaluating the quality of a building, based on factors, such as, energy saving efficiency and environmental consideration, as well as indoor comfortableness and landscape.”


SKT received the highest certification, Class S.


In Japan, this is a very, very big deal.


Konica Minolta, since their beginning, has devoted themselves to developing optical devices that capture and focus “light”. And by giving careful attention to “color”, they have become one of the world’s leading companies in color MFP’s (Multi-Function Devices, we know as print/scan/copy/fax).


SKT exemplifies their mastery of “light” and “color” as basic design factors and embodies the spirit of Konica Minolta.


At this time, I’m not at liberty to disclose a lot of what was shown to me, however I will tell you, Konica Minolta has some really innovative and futuristic products coming in the next couple of years.


Being able to see behind the scenes at R&D was a real honor and allowed me to appreciate how devoted everyone at their company is to designing, testing and producing the finest business equipment available.


In 1977, Office Systems of Texas began business selling and servicing copiers as an Authorized Dealer for Minolta Corporation. Our business relationship has grown stronger through the 37 years with Konica Minolta and I am very excited to be able to continue to provide the finest products and solutions for all our customers in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.


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