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Jim Dude ☹

This is the first of my blogs that I’m not letting Jim know about.  Over the past…well I’m not sure how many years now, every time I wrote a blog, I would run up to Jim and say “New Blog Jim Dude” Then he would ask me if it’s time sensitive or not and go from there. Today is Different, Jim Snelling, the person I most admired here at Office Systems, the person that helped me, that taught me so much about everything we do here, that occasionally ….. no frequently fed me, that made me laugh, that sometimes scared me when he drove, That would put me in my place….and put anybody here in their place when needed, and that did so much more, left us. He past away on my Birthday, Friday Oct 4th. Jim Dude, as I called him, was one of the smartest most knowledgeable men I knew. I can’t remember any questions that I ever asked him that he was unable to answer. Even if he didn’t know the answer right away, he would research it and give me a correct answer to the question. I worked with Jim for over 24 years, but not only were we co workers, we were what I considered, friends. I’ve been to his house to help paint and put up sheetrock, remodel some rooms, and just hang out with him. Not only did I admire his knowledge, I also admired his ethics, he always did what he felt was the right thing to do no matter what. I miss Jim and I will always remember him fondly. I will miss his dry sense of humor, his home made Eclairs and other baked goods, his smart aleck remarks, our lunch dates, our conversations on so many different topics such as music, young kids, cats, Baking, Rum, and so much more. Tomorrow I will say my last goodbye to Jim Dude.  Know that you will be and already are missed.

‘Till next time……


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