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HCFCD Citizen Participation Opportunities for Flood Risk Reduction

The Harris County Flood Control District can facilitate communication with our partner
organizations to promote citizen-based flood risk reduction strategies and assist in organizing
community events for wider implementation.
These partner organizations can direct prompt and effective public outreach that is targeted toward
flood risk reduction strategies able to be implemented by individual citizens. It is recommended
that local agencies within the specific watershed be included in the effort. For example, the
Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce and Mercer Botanical Gardens may provide additional
assistance and authority within the Cypress Creek watershed. The Flood Control District
Communications Division is available to facilitate an initial discussion between groups if
necessary (Karen Hastings, Project Communications Specialist,

Partner Organizations
Contact the partner organizations below to assist with organizing a community workshop and provide
resources to implement individual-scale flood risk reduction methods.
• The Galveston Bay Foundation hosts rain barrel workshops and can provide educational assistance
directed toward individual citizens.
o Ted Driscoll, Community Engagement Coordinator (832)536-2271;
• The Houston – Galveston Area Council has a public engagement program with resources for
low-impact development tools such as rain barrels and bioswales.
o Todd Running, Manager – Community and Environmental Planning (713)993-4549;
• Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has an extensive program to design and implement all manner of
LID/GI, including raingardens, with opportunities for technical assistance and potential for grant
o Charriss York, Extension Program Specialist – Green Infrastructure & Stormwater (281)694-5508;

County Resources
Additional county resources have been developed and are shared below to emphasize the Flood Control
District’s commitment to promoting these best practices and scaling efforts to suit the needs of
homeowners and businesses.
• Texas A&M AgriLife Extension – Stormwater Management: Rain Gardens
• Harris County Flood Control District – Streambank Stabilization Handbook: A Guide for Harris
County Landowners
• Harris County Flood Control District – Community Service Program: Tree-planting and neighborhood
open space opportunities

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