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Is your Printer vunerable?

New security vulnerability for printer/MFPs?

  • Reported by ZDNet magazine and JSOF Security a new vulnerability, named “Ripple20” that may impact some brands of MFPs and printers
  • Impacts devices that use code from Treck Software (based in Cincinnati, Ohio) to manage their TCP/IP stack, which allows the printer/MFPs to connect to the Internet via TCP/IP connections
  • Number of impacted products is estimated at “hundreds of millions”
  • Some of the newly discovered vulnerabilities are listed as “extremely dangerous”
  • Could allow a hacker to take over devices
  • Customers are advised to check to see if any of their devices or software on their network use Treck and that this “should be a priority for all companies”
  • (Konica Minolta bizhub MFPs do NOT use Treck software)
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