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When thinking about network security, do you ever consider the security on your copiers? Many businesses deal with critical and sensitive information including customer credit cards, private medical records, client contact information, or even banking account and routing numbers. This information lives on the network, computers, and copiers.

While most businesses take measures to protect their networks, servers, and computers, often the printers and copiers aren’t considered. Any device that connects to the Internet can be hacked. Cyber criminals have gained access to systems and networks via a number of crazy items including thermostats, coffee makers, and printers and copiers. If you’re printing, scanning, or copying sensitive information on your copiers and web-enabled printers, this could be a very easy avenue for cyber criminals to enter your business and potentially do great damage to your business.

Thankfully our multi functional printers can have you feel at ease. Konica Minolta developed BIZHUB SECURE to provide customers with the resources they need to protect any document data and information that reside on the Bizhub’s internal hard drive. After determining the customer’s specific needs, Konica Minolta configures several security features of the MFP in order to keep the data, documents and information related to the MFP secure.

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