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Social Hangover’s and Introverted Sales People

Do either of these exist?


Yesterday, I attended an all day social function. By 3pm I was on cloud nine and felt like a butterfly! I decided to continue my social awareness through the evening and by 7 pm….. HELP!


This morning I arrived to work, no makeup, half effort of putting myself together and a whomp whomp attitude. I felt as though I had spent the night doing a filibuster for my company and no energy to continue communication with the living. ( I probably should not have shared this information with my sales manger before our meeting!)


“Am I an introverted salesperson?”


“Is there such thing as an introverted sales person?” I asked my manager. Both of us half answering my rhetorical question with a small laughing “No”.


As I left the morning meeting all I could think about was if I am a fraud! Am I really an introvert hiding in an extroverts body? Am I really not cut-out to be a salesperson after all? Should I tell someone?!


Well heck, now I need to know. So, I googled introverted/ extroverted sales people and this is what I learned.


Conventional wisdom suggests that extroverts — commonly thought of as outgoing and sociable — would make better salespeople than introverts, who have been popularly represented as awkward in social situations.


The conventional wisdom is wrong. (Hey, I may not get fired)


According to psychotherapist Marti Olsen Laney, introverts and extroverts are the extreme ends of the ‘”energy continuum.’’ Most people fall somewhere in the middle, and display a mix of introverted and extroverted tendencies even if they tend toward one side or the other.”


In fact, the extraversion-introversion divide isn’t about personality at all. The distinction is defined by where people get their energy from — other people, or solitude. Introverts gain energy by being alone, while extroverts are invigorated by social situations.


Well, I must be an introvert as the article goes onto explain this phenomena called “Introvert Hangover”. (Something I doubt I could find on Web-MD but I was for sure feeling the symptoms of)

An “introvert” hangover is, simply put, a withdrawal into oneself brought on by overstimulation.’


Further reading and suggestions from google directed me to take a test of self-discovery a little further.


I took this little quiz and discovered happily that I am following my calling. I am actually classified as a Ambivert. An ambivert is that happy balance between an intro- and extrovert. Guess what the top rated profession is for my kind?! You got it…. Sales 😊


Let’s reclusively celebrate this discovery!




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