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I Finally Met My Grand Daughter

Thanks to COVID Restrictions my Son and Daughter in Law just went through their second pregnancy basically by themselves. We were not able to participate in many of the activities that go with the pregnancy including the delivery. We had a face time gathering hours after her birth and although we were very grateful for that, it was nothing like the real thing. They were quarantined during Christmas so there were still many facetime visits but again, no formal meeting.

A few weeks ago, the big day came. They were able to come over to celebrate Christmas and we were able to meet Juliette in person for the first time. It was AWESOME!!  It was hard to see them leave that night, but we are excited that things are starting to get back to normal for families and we will be seeing them a lot more in the near future.

Lesson….take time to hug those who are important to you. Get off the phone (except for face time) when you are in their presence. Tell them you love them. Make time for each other. Nothing takes the place of time spent in person with your loved ones!

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