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Hurricane Season

Hurricane Lane is a huge reminder that we are not out of hurricane season.  Although we haven’t been hit this year with a huge storm, it never hurts to be prepared.  Here are a few items to stay stocked up on just in case.


*Drinking Water

*Water for sanitation use

*Non-perishable foods (Enough to last each family member at least 3-7 days)

*Paper cups, plates & plastic utensils

*Non -electric can opener

*Aluminum foil

*Plastic storage containers

*Lots of ice (you can freeze your water supply)

*Pedialyte (to restore hydration if needed)

*Toilet Paper


*Baby wipes

*Liquid hand sanitizer

*Feminine supplies

*Personal Hygiene items (toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc.)

*Plastic garbage bags

*First Aid Kit

*Liquid detergent

                *Non Prescription drugs


Baby Needs:

*Special foods (enough for several days)

*Formula (enough for several days)

*Extra diapers

*Medicines (get a copy of prescription)


*Diaper Rash Ointment

*Baby Wipes




*Favorite toy/blanket

*Medicine dropper

*Diaper-rash ointment



Remember hurricane season ends November 30th.

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