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Hurricane season is here

Is that time of year again to watch out for a possible hurricane hitting Texas and most particularly the city of Galveston and Houston. Recently I saw a billboard suggesting that Houstonians homeowners should get flood insurance because of the danger of flash flooding all year long and hurricane season.

Last year’s flooding did a lot of damaged to some of our customer’s office equipment, most of the time damaging copier machines beyond repair. So, this year some customers are taking precautions in order to mitigate the damaged to their equipment.

For instance this customer placed the copier machine on top of this pallet and the machine fits just right on it,  there is no room to turn the machine around when is time to service it, so in our service department we came up with a plan to overcome this obstacle. Two technicians pushed the machine on another pallet placed in front of it, that way we can get behind the machine and repair the problem.

Another customer has a metal workshop and they have built their own metal stand for the copier. The stand is around 2 and ½ feet tall, and short people like me need a step stool in order to clean and service the document feeder, like Greek philosopher Plato said: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  consequently, people all over our city are adapting to the idea that floods and hurricanes are now part of living in south Texas.


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